Suicide: Veronika Decides to Die (2009) Coelho

Saw the film.
I must say that the works of this writer had not previously encountered, although many have heard, too, have not read the book. In general, long frustrated in fiction and in feature films, respectively. In our time, it is time to begin to transfer thoughts exclusively with the TWENTY-FIFTH frame, dropping the first 24. Naturally disappointed: people love to call all sorts of flawed genius things, just because they do not have perfection in life. Coelho is this: take the old world as the idea that life takes on the true value on the verge of death, and enter into this framework story, malologichnoe get something akin to the parable, while the genius just to not hinder the story and see which thought is born as a result.
However, the first 2 minutes of the film before the title is truly masterpiece. Veronica love just a few words to describe his life until his death, in fact, each of us can do the same thing, with the same words. So:
1. Pills for depression – an indispensable attribute!
Those who have no pills, use a different avoidance: reading fiction, watching feature films, sports, alcohol, smoking, and others, not to think about the meaning of life. Without this EXIST simply impossible, because only you are left alone with him, the only logical thought is the desire to die prematurely.
Why? Yes, if only because from ancient times to today, the basic philosophical question – the meaning of life, the answer has not been found so far, just as no one knows exactly how life began on earth, or any novice would suitsidnika sent to and read the theory on this matter closed.
2. Ersatz instead of LOVE with a capital L (here enter and children who give birth, when blunted feelings).
3. Work from 8 to 5 per cent, which can live and pay loans, 28 days holiday per year – cool!
4. Constantly prove to himself and his parents that you love them, even though they messed up your childhood, wanting to make it better, and in fact is not emotionally close to you)))
5. Maybe even then, but I’m missing something, this is detail.

This moment in the film I liked: clearly, clearly and transparently illuminated the question of why Veronica love came home from work and to visit her parents, immediately began to swallow pills in large numbers.

Then, as always, illogical, nothing has changed in essence, but it begins to enjoy life. The very same – love, work, parents (
What is there instead of pills? – Anything but will appear. Just a 10-minute film, a new happy life in the end, it’s just an exaltation, a moment of euphoria, then everything will return to normal.

Personally, I made the film to rethink their understanding of suicide. Before that, I thought it unacceptable for themselves, because successfully avoided thinking about it (methods listed above). Now I think that suicide can be delayed while the life fun. So, no need to kill yourself while you fuck heartily, skipping work to give their pennies to inspire their parents to feel guilty for his spoiled childhood, flying on the wings of the wind towards the spring, cultivate in their children superman pretty cool haircut bald in 40 years as a successful biznessledi, or get a tattoo on your face, then it is necessary to steal a million and be sure to try to kill a man. Last thought, perhaps, I will not voice his psychiatrist)))))

After this delay suicide is simply illogical. What can really keep from doing so?
- Vera. I am also quite superstitious (faith – is at the level of emotion and superstition – the level of belief in the ancient sources of knowledge). About heaven and hell I do not know anything, I was closer to the ideas of reincarnation and karma, but the essence in general, is not changing. Committing suicide or killing a person, I get to less favorable conditions in the life after death, and this, when you consider that not so in Eden drag out their miserable existence, and not too scary, and if there is no life after death, how much more do not fear of death. Have you seen a corpse? I’ve seen: even the corpse of a loved one causes only disgust, this is nothing, but the soul is immortal, or it is not ?

What is the name Veronica

The value of the name Veronica love option 1
Veronica – Biblical name,
name of a woman from Jerusalem, which, according to legend, wiped the sweat from the face of Jesus
when he carried the cross. As a child, timid, shy and indecisive, prone to colds
With age, the nature of these sense
crumbs become visible traits such as irritability, and especially – stubbornness.
Furthermore, some of them are allergic to odors, they may fall in
pass out of the sight of blood.
The character of Veronica – parent,
Although outwardly it looks like his father. Sorority prefers male and married
happens repeatedly, it is usually born a girl. Veronica love – sociable and lively,
You can say, funny woman and retains its liveliness to old age.

She is extremely amorous and enjoys
overwhelming success in men. However, it soon broke out feeling so she can
quickly disappear, and then it will break without regret all ties with the former
lover. Unpleasant feature of Veronica – stubbornness (it is especially characteristic for
“Winter” Veronique), and often it works
just to spite someone. Veronica’s favorite colors – red, purple and black.

Named Veronica
fit men’s names: Vladimir, Alexander, Peter, Leonid, Stanislav, Boris, Igor
- This means that with carriers such names she will be happy. Nicholas, Edward,
Victor, Vladislav, Orestes, Simon, Vitali, Constantine – her little fit.
The value of the name Veronica love option 2
Personality. Women, reigning in heaven and on earth.
Character. 95%.
Radiation. 97%.
Vibration. 120,000 oscillate. / Sec.
Color. Blue.
The main features. Will – susceptibility -
morality – activity.
Totemic plant. Lily.
Totem animal. Dove.
Sign. Virgo.
10. Type. Choleric with a difficult character. This
intelligent, hard working woman, somewhat gloomy, envious, but have huge
reserves of love and tenderness.
11. The psyche. Introverts – tend to become isolated
in themselves and do not always reveal their thoughts and feelings. Secretive. Very opinionated
and calculating.
12. Will. Very strong, leaving no space
selfishness. Their totem is a lily – a symbol
beauty and responsiveness, strong odor which, however, not all suffer.

13. The excitability. In combination with the speed of response
is just explosive!
14. The rate of reaction. Huge! If we do not agree
with something that disagreed express very rapidly. Stubborn. Defeat and failure upset
them, but they do not do it as a tragedy.

15. Field of activity. Usually this exemplary
student. They are attracted to the profession where you have laid out completely, but most of all
they fit the role of the family and the mother a homemaker. They like to work
with children and care for the sick, can be doctors, nurses, orderlies,
teachers, etc.
16. Intuition. Veronica love has a good
intuition, but does not use it, preferring the well-trodden path of different surprises.
Firmly on the ground.
17. Intellect. Do not tend to shine, rather
prefer to give way to people who want to attract attention. They analytical
mind, hence the interest in small things, and not to the whole.
18. Susceptibility. Such women easily offended
and hurt. But they quickly intercede for others than will defend themselves. Capable
on the strong attachment, but the circle of their friends is limited and carefully selected.

19. Morality. Adhere too strict
moral rules. They have an innate sense of decency, which is particularly evident
at crucial moments in their lives.
20. Health. Possess enviable health and stamina.
Should lead a regular life. Weak “side” – the intestines, lungs and skin.

21. Sexuality. Plays a huge role in their
life. The most important thing for them is the joy of giving.
22. Activity. It seems that what
what others have to take to work, they are given with ease.
23. Sociability. In a society feel
with ease, though they do not tend to communicate.
24. Conclusion. As a child
Veronica did not cause trouble,
as early priuchivaetsya to solve their problems without shouldering them
shoulders of others.
The value of the name Veronica option 3
Veronica love
- From the Greek. Carrier victory, from the Latin. true, true image.
Veronichka, Vera, Verona, drop, Ronyusha, Verunya, Wierusz, Vicky, Nick, Nikasha, Nikusha.
Day of:
October 17.
There is a
grass – Veronica, which is also called snake grass, walking in the woods for berries
or mushrooms, should be put in veronica flower shoe that snake did not bite.
sorority always prefers men: it is extremely amorous
and enjoys stunning success in men. It is sociable and lively, it can be said
sparkling woman who keeps her vivacity for life. Unpleasant
Veronica feature – stubbornness, and often it acts just to spite someone.

The value of the name Veronica option 4
- Bearing the victory (Greek).
Day of:
July 25 – Saint Veronica, bleeding wife, healed by Jesus Christ.
- Lev.
Planet – Sun.
Color – black.
Favorable tree
- Cypress.
Cherished plant
- Veronica love.
Patron name
- A tiger.
- Onyx.
sorority always prefers men: it is extremely amorous and enjoys
overwhelming success in men. It is sociable and lively, you can say, funny
a woman who keeps her vivacity for life. Unpleasant feature of Veronica love
- Stubbornness, and often acts just to spite someone.